Super Product Line


Horror adventure in Nintendo style.


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Super Product Line is a two-dimensional horror game with an 8-bit aesthetic that recalls survival horror classics like Resident Evil, all in the style of old Nintendo Entertainment System games. Super Product Line also has some humorous elements that make it totally unique.

At the beginning of the game, you choose between two different characters that have pretty different characteristics. Naturally, the things that set them apart are quite absurd, for example one of the characters thinks that the music group A-HA is overrated, while the other would spend tons of money at the hair salon.

Whoever you choose, your adventure starts in the same place: the basement of an office building. Your mission is to escape alive, which won't be all that easy, thanks to a series of creatures roaming the halls that will end your life pretty quickly if you give them a chance.

Super Product Line is more an adventure game than an action game, since you'll need to use your head to solve all of the complicated situations you'll find yourself in, and manipulate different objects together to get specific results.
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